Cedar Cuff Links

$ 62

Cedar cufflinks - gold plated bullet back with toggle bar.

“This is the forest primeval,” or so Longfellow wrote. And when he said “this” he meant the deep south near the Gulf of Mexico, the area settled by French Acadians, where sand cedar is abundant. It’s also known as juniper and is prized for the fragrance of its wood and the flavor of its berries — without which gin wouldn’t be gin. French settlers in America’s deep south were so taken with the red tint of the cedar wood that they called it “baton rouge”, which is French for “red stick” — and then they named the capitol of Louisiana after it. Maybe it was the color. Or the fragrance. Or the gin.

The cedar used in this Chic Verte creation was harvested in Tallahassee, just a half day’s drive from where the French found their red sticks. The unique spalting patterns in the wood were designed by Mother Nature herself as she prepared the tree to be absorbed back into the earth, and they make this piece absolutely unique.


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