Ballerina Wrap Bracelet with Antler Centerpiece

$ 134

Our signature Ballerina Wrap Bracelet with an Antler Slice centerpiece on a gorgeous suede strap.  This bracelet also features a gold magnetic clasp with our CV trademark.

All around Ayavalla Plantation in Tallahassee, deer can be seen scampering through the fields and woods. Lovely, graceful and lean, deer sightings never cease to delight. But in the winter Ayavalla's deer leave gifts of dropped antlers for us, the human residents. The males lose their antlers and grow new ones every year, and we're only too happy to collect what they discard to use in our designs, just as artisans have done throughout human history.                                                              
Your Chic Verte piece was made from antlers shed by a free roaming, wild, White-Tailed Deer living within the red hills of North Florida and Southern Georgia or their Mule Deer cousins from Pondera County, Montana.
No deer were hunted or harmed for the production of our jewelry.


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