Medallion Wood Earrings on wires

$ 58

Throughout history medallions have been objects of great value — both used for money and awarded to celebrate heroics and accomplishments. We think these earrings, in lovely spalted oak, look like ancient coins. You can think of them as your reward for adorning yourself with ethically harvested materials

It's romantic. Even a little spooky. Southern gothic, to be sure. The landscape of Tallahassee, like much of the Deep South, is webbed with sprawling Live Oaks that drip nearly to the ground with Spanish Moss. Children play under canopies that practically beg for picnics, and more than few lovers have found their stolen moments under the heavy cloaks of Oak branches.

The wood in your Chic Verte piece was ethically harvested from a naturally fallen Oak tree in Tallahassee (and who knows what mischief it saw before it fell?). Notice the delicate spalting patterns in the wood — they were etched by Mother Nature herself as she prepared the tree to be absorbed back into the earth, and they make this piece absolutely unique.

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