Dragonfly Wing Wood Earrings with Pearl Studs

  • $ 118.00

We call these “Dragonfly” because the lovely spalting pattern looks like dragonfly wings. Or maybe it’s because in many cultures dragonflies symbolize transformation, renewal and freedom, just as these Oval shaped discs have been transformed from forgotten wood into eye-catching jewelry. Our Dragonfly Wing Wood Earrings paired with pearls show the delicate mirror images in the pecan wood matched with one of the most classic of all, the pearl.

Just before you arrive at the big house on Ayavalla Plantation, you'll pass through sun-dappled light glancing off the ground in a lovely grove of Pecan trees, just as visitors have for decades. You can pronounce it "pee-can" or "pehkahn", you know, either is correct. Besides, it wouldn't be polite for anyone at Ayavalla to correct you — and pecan wood is just as southern and hospitable as a praline or a pecan pie. 

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